Welcome Summer with 9 Easy to Make Coolers

There is nothing more refreshing than cool drinks for a hot summer afternoon. Just make these family- and figure-friendly summer beverages for a refreshing way to cool down. Light, bright and refreshing, these are just what one wants in their glass when the mercury goes up.

Tequila Sunrise Margarita
This gorgeous summer cocktail is a treat for your eyes and your taste buds.

Ingredients & Recipe
Put sugar on a plate. Rub the rims of glass with the lime wedge. And then dip rims of glasses in sugar to coat. In this pitcher combine Triple Sec, tequila, sugar and lime juice. Stir the solution till the sugar is dissolved. Now add in orange juice. Chill the drink until ready to serve. Place ice cubes, if required in sugar-rimmed glasses. Pour tequila mixture over ice cubes and add two dashes grenadine syrup to each glass. Garnish with orange slices.

June Bug
Icy-cool scoops of sherbet give this refreshing, non-alcoholic drink its sweet fizziness, while grenadine and orange juice pair up to create its pretty coral colour.

Ingredients & Recipe
Blend grenadine, orange juice, sherbet and ginger ale together. Pour this into ice-filled cocktail glasses and serve.

Cucumber Sangria
A chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc is the base for this thirst-quenching drink recipe. Toss in sliced cucumber, honeydew melon, and mint leaves for extra freshness.

Ingredients & Recipe
Cut the melon into half; remove and discard seeds and rind. Cut melon into thin slices. In a large pitcher combine melon, cucumber, lime slices, and the 12 mint leaves. In a small bowl stir together lime juice and honey until combined; pour over melon mixture. Add wine, stirring gently. Cover and chill for at least 2 hours. To serve, stir in carbonated water. Ladle or pour into glasses. If desired, garnish with additional mint.

Summer Fruit Daiquiries
From mango and watermelon to peaches and strawberries, this icy fruit daiquiri has it all. Make it a non-alcoholic drink for all to enjoy by substituting orange juice for the light rum.

Ingredients & Recipe
In a blender combine the 3 cups fruit, the limeade concentrate, rum, and powdered sugar. Cover and blend until smooth. With blender running, you can add ice cubes through opening in lid until mixture is desired thickness. Serve in glasses. If desired, garnish daiquiris with fruit pieces threaded on wooden skewers

Margarita Jello Cocktail
Make jiggly version of Margarita enjoy one cube at a time.

Ingredients & Recipe
Stir lime gelatine, and boiling water together in a bowl until fully dissolved. Add tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice. Coat a 2-quart square baking dish using a non-stick cooking spray. Pour mixture into dish. Chill for 3 hours or until firm. Cut into 1-inch squares.

Sparkling Peach Punch
Impress your party guests with this fizzy drink idea starring peach nectar, lemon juice, ginger ale and pureed peach slices. Freeze this punch for 3 months and enjoy all summer long.

Ingredients & Recipe
In a large saucepan combine water, sugar, and gelatine. Bring to boiling, stirring to dissolve. Place undrained peach slices in the blender. Cover; blend until smooth. In an extra-large bowl combine gelatine mixture, pureed peaches, peach nectar, and lemon juice. Divide peach mixture among four 1-quart containers. Cover and freeze overnight or until firm. NOTE: Mixture can be frozen up to 3 months. Place the containers at room temperature for 1 hour. Break in chunks with a large fork. Place in punch bowl or jug. Stir in 2 bottles of ginger ale per container of the peach mixture until slushy.

Classic Margaritas
Nothing can beat a lip-smacking, salt-rimmed margarita. Fill the perfect drink recipe with freshly squeezed lime juice to add authenticity.

Ingredients & Recipe
Mix Triple Sec, tequila, lime juice, and sugar in a pitcher and stir. Chill mixture until ready to serve. Place ice cubes in salt-rimmed glasses. Pour tequila mixture over ice cubes. Garnish with remaining lime wedges.

Watermelon-Basil Daiquiri
Shake up your summer party including the season’s favorite produce: watermelon. The naturally sweet fruit lends a juicy crispness, while light rum and basil add a punch of flavor.

Ingredients & Recipe
Combine watermelon and basil In a cocktail shaker; muddle until watermelon is broken up and juiced. Add rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and ice; shake until chilled, about 40 seconds. Double-strain into an ice-filled glass. Garnish with a frozen watermelon spear or wedge.

Pisco Sour
This refreshing cocktail gives a burst of fresh flavor from lime and mint. For making a non-alcoholic version of this drink, you can replace the pisco with sparkling water.

Ingredients & Recipe
In a glass, combine pisco or rum, sugar, lime juice and guava nectar. Add a few shakes of Angostura bitters and stir the mixture well to melt sugar. Pour the mixture into 4 glasses. Add ice to serve the drink cold and garnish with a lime wedge and fresh mint on top.

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