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Water Diet: Is this a Bona Fide Diet for Rapid Weight Loss or is there more to it?

Water and weight loss have gone together since time immemorial. Ask any doctor in the know, and you will be told that eight glasses of water a day is a must. While some keep to drinking this amount of water consistently on a regular basis, diet-related issues, such as overeating, are still a problem, and thus even the most conscientious water drinkers may be morbidly obese. As a matter of fact, did you know that many dieters do not believe that water can help to lose weight but instead they cite problems with water weight gain? That is why instead of drinking water, what they do is take pills to get rid of whatever water they may have in their bodies? To them, a water diet is actually impossibility personified.

Yet those who have heard of the water diet know that this liquid carries a powerful punch. There are those who will invest in special “diet water”, which is said to be fortified with herbs and minerals that will speed along weight loss. Others understand that water with lemon for weight loss – as is the case in the Master Cleanse – is a surefire way to shed large amounts of pounds in a brief period of time. Others change their eating habits so as to include water fasting for their weight loss. Also, detox fruit and water diets have made their rounds on the Internet for years.

The latest water diet that is making the rounds does not involve the controversial “tuna and water diet” or the water fasting diet but instead is referred to as the “Before, During and After” water diet. While weight loss on water fasting is achievable but as soon as the food is reintroduced, losing weight on the new water diet simply specifies to drink an eight-ounce glass of water before a meal, during the meal, and immediately after the meal. The pitfalls with water diets rest in the fact that they are only temporary, but with the latest way of drinking water, weight loss may be yours because you are still eating regular meals. The adherents of the diet stress that you need to eat smart meals and exercise, and they do not give much credence to the fast water diets that will not only result in weight loss but will also result in rapid weight gain, once the water is again replaced with food.

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