Too Skinny? Too risky!

” Stop making fitness goals to be skinny, make fitness goals to be healthy! “

Haven’t we all heard that being obese is not good for our health? For a matter of fact, being too skinny isn’t either. While a majority of the population is overweight, we have failed to consider the health issues of the other side of the coin. Being underweight and malnourished is more hazardous than being overweight and obese. However now, people are coming up with the health issues faced by the skinny people.

Until a few years ago, lean body was trending with the men trying to stay lean and women trying to maintain zero size figure. However, time has taken a quick spin now considering the health hazards bony people has to go through. Skinny people are not thin because they eat less or exercise more, but it is due to their genetics. Their Body Mass Index is lower than 18.5 and hence, their muscle mass is leaner than the normal people.

According to a study, being skinny is more dangerous for a person than being obese. Obesity, undoubtedly, increases the risk of death of an individual but being underweight increases 0.8% higher chances of death than obesity. Because, the fat of a skinny person is stored within their body around the heart or liver increasing the risk of heart and liver disease. In addition, skinny people always find themselves in a good shape avoiding the need to visit the doctor for their regular checkups and increase the risk of diseases.

Being skinny might make you look attractive as long as you are young, but it causes trouble when you decide to become a parent. While women might face irregular menstruation, difficulty in conceiving and sustaining pregnancy resulting in miscarriage within the first 3 months; men face erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse and other issues. Apart from parenting trouble, skinny people have iron deficiency and lesser vitamins in their body as compared to the people who have higher or normal BMI. Low vitamins and deficiency in iron makes your immune system less efficient, making you prone to cold, flu, and other communicable diseases.

If you are too skinny, then must consult your doctor or nutritionist to provide you a balanced nutrition. You might not be able to gain weight or fat, but the right nutrition would make your immune system stronger. A stronger immune system would help you avoid a number of health diseases.

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