Amazing Hacks to Calm Midnight Food Cravings

It is midnight and the only light I can see is that coming out of my refrigerator! How much I love this sinful chocolate brownie? Or I should reheat the last slice of that delicious pizza I had for dinner?  What am I doing with another midnight meal? This was my routine till I discovered that I am piling mere empty calories at night. Midnight cravings simply translate into more calories and more weight gain.

Now before hogging on my midnight snack, I firstly validate if I am really hungry or is just another craving. The difference between hunger and craving is that being hungry means an empty stomach, whereas a mere craving arises from other factors say, stress. In order to ensure that I am not hungry at midnight, I have started ensuring that my last meal is full of fibre rich food to help me feel full for longer and that I am hydrated enough throughout the day.

I have started following these few changes in my routine to ensure that I do not fall trap to my midnight binges any more:

  1. Keep the empty calories locked away:
    Do make certain that whatever is the closest and easiest to reach out food in the kitchen is not a sugary or fattening snack.
  2. Make healthy choices:
    Freeze fruits like grapes, bananas, watermelon, etc. for midnight snacking. These are much healthier than a bowl of ice-cream. Try butter-free salted popcorns instead of chips or nachos or a healthy mix of berries, dried fruits, nuts and seeds or a bowl of sprout salad. A glass of plain milk – warm or cold – no sugar or any other additives can also do the trick.
  3. Portion control:
    Do not end up having a second dinner, which will be a burden on your digestive system.
  4. Visit your doctor:
    Late-night sugar cravings are may be caused by blood sugar dysregulation that may be connected to adrenal fatigue, due to high or low cortisol levels.  Such cravings may also be caused owing to improper digestion or micronutrient deficiencies like Vitamin B.

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